Working with our body and tapping into its resources, energy and strength can help us with any struggle, challenge, or project we may have. 

What to expect

Awareness of the your body, thoughts, abilities, current situations, and personal development goals are a key factor in this learning. Each session involves a combination of touch, movement, and spoken communication. Together, we'll verbally describe the experiences, and I'll use both touch and instruction to guide the session.

Empathy, touch, and communication are the foundations of a process and are grounded in both our human need for connection and our powerful capacity for self-healing.

As in life, to get the most out of a session requires commitment and a active partnership.

While in certain parts you are asked to just be and listen, in other parts I will challenge you to sense, talk, feel, move, think, empty your thoughts, contract, push or release - all with the utmost respect to you and your body. 



1. How long does a session last?

Typically 60 minutes.

2. Is there any preparation to do before a session?

Try not to eat too much up to 2 hours before a session.

3. What do I need to wear to a session?

Wear thin and comfortable clothing. Sessions can take place with the client fully clothed.

4. What can I expect from my first session?

In a first session, we will have a slightly longer conversation then usual, so that the context of your current life can be shared. We will talk about what you'd like to change or work on, and I may ask you questions about history to learn how these issues may manifest in your body.

After our initial conversation, the bodywork part of the session follows and is about 25-35 minutes. This typically takes place lying down on the table, but it might also take place sitting down or moving in the room.

A session always ends with a 5-10 min quiet integration period. Often this can be a very powerfull part of a session and you will be left alone in the room for that time.

At the end of the session I will come back to the room, and give you my recommendation for follow up.

5. How many sessions do I need?

Some issues can be addressed in 1-2 sessions. Some themes need more time to explore and anywhere between 2-10 sessions would be more appropriate. I have also found that many people benefit from regular weekly sessions. Each person is unique and my recommendations will be different for each individual. After the first session I will be in a better position to suggest the appropriate number of sessions.


You can read more about code of ethics in the Pantarei Approach here