Before seeing you I was having issues falling asleep, staying asleep and had a lot of pent up emotions. I am not sure how you did it, but I now sleep amazingly. I do not have anymore nightmares and I feel as if I cried everything out in a matter of minutes with you. I felt refreshed afterwards, and for the rest of that day I kept my cell phone off to receive the full benefits of what you had done. I feel like seeing you should be a part of my self care regimen because it had that huge of an impact on me. I do not feel stressed anymore, and my work capabilities have doubled since I’ve seen you.
— Meggan, CEO and founder CHNO Box

During the session I felt a cosmic wellness without separation, no weight in my being or in any of my cells, in a blissful state totally surrendered. The closest I could say would be in the womb, in total ‘ahhhh.’ It lasted for long time far after the session, and my body felt so blissful, relaxed, comfortable and integrated.
— Oona, PhD, healer and writer

“When I came to my first session with Moshe, I was in a sustained weak physical condition. It had been a while that I had been feeling a lack of energy, been chronically tired physically and emotionally and lacked motivation for physical exercise. I suffered from constipations that lasted a few days, rigid and swollen stomach, lower back pain and chronic pain in my right foot, at the connection between the big toe and the middle of my foot.
I felt there was a reason but I couldn’t make any connection between all these different symptoms.
After the first session I started feeling a reduction in the pain in my lower back and a softer stomach. I continued taking sessions for 4 months and during that time the symptoms and pain had almost completely disappeared. I gained clarity and started making connections between my emotional state to my physical state.
The disappearing of symptoms especially the pain in my foot allowed me to resume full physical activity 4 days a week and I was finally getting stronger. My digestion system returned to normal and I was feeling lighter and more positive about my life.”
— Ester, teacher & entrepreneur

I had a chronic sleep problem. I basically wasn’t able to fall asleep and stay asleep. Without sleep my everyday function level was diminished. It had been going on for about 6 months, and as a mom, artist and business owner that required me to function for many hours in the day, this made life very complicated.
In our session we started with a gentle conversation, I brought up the challenges present. At the end of it I experienced a deep relaxation of my nervous system. I felt something in me shift which I cannot exactly put in words.
That night and the following night, I was able to sleep the whole night through. I was amazed to realize that after one session my chronic condition changed for the better.
— Tommy, mother, artist and martial art teacher