As we go through substantial life events, our bodies react and keep a record of what happened. When you are triggered, you may experience a resurfacing of those records.


Give space to the past to make way for the future.

As you become more aware of sensations in your body, and the timing and situations that they choose to appear, and as you are able to go deeper into feeling them, transformation typically starts to happen. 

Your body and mind start to make the connections, and the energy begins to shift. 

Once you become aware of your old beliefs and patterns, you will begin to develop mastery over them, which is the place you want to be in -  a place of having choice.

Once pain from old traumas is released, the trauma starts losing its power over you. 


Your body remembers.

Certain situations may trigger specific physical sensations or emotional responses.  For example, maybe you had a challenging relationship with your mom or dad during childhood. Over time, in order to protect you, your body developed a way to detach from feeling a certain emotional pain; and now as an adult, every time you confront them, you may experience a feeling of constriction in your chest or neck. 

We're typically not aware of what effects these patterns have on our lives.  We spend most of our time in our minds, thinking, or observing our thoughts, planning for tomorrow, reflecting on yesterday, trying to solve problems, pondering situations that we've been through, striving for some sense of completion.

In a somatic bodywork session, I'll guide you on how to direct your attention to your body and you'll start developing an awareness to the unique story that your body is telling. 

This is where we start.


“Somatic bodywork is a goal oriented approach for releasing old patterns and making space for personal growth through reconnecting with our bodies”

In my work with clients I use somatic bodywork and verbal guidance to achieve their personal goals.

We work together to overcome the obstacles in their lives, deal with chronic conditions,  let emotions be experienced throughout the process and all that in order to bring more freedom, lightness, and clarity of purpose within.  

It has been my privilege to work with clients from all walks of life, hear their unique stories, and witness the gifts they bring to the world.