I grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Before entering the profession of somatic bodywork, my practical side and passion for solving problems first led me to engineering school. I then went on to product management, systems design and management,  working with and leading teams at a few tech startups in Israel and in California. 

In my own path seeking wellness, happiness, balance and meaning, my travels led me to India, where I spent almost a year and discovered a different approach of looking at life. I studied yoga, meditation, and different arts that have more of an inward focus. I returned humbled by what I saw and started developing a passion for helping and being there for people in their journeys.

I trained and volunteered as a counselor at a national suicide hotline and had the privilege to be there for people in their difficult times.

During 15 years of yoga and martial art practice, I experienced the connection that the body and mind share. As I focused more of the messages I was receiving from my body, I was able to deal with the stress in my life better. 

Yoga taught me about the pleasure of fully occupying my body. That feeling where one feels alive and vibrant - where sweat, struggle, inspiring music, and silence meet and allow you to go even deeper.   This practice of self knowing brought much joy and peace into my life.

I started a personal somatic bodywork process with the Grinberg Method in 2014 which made me realize how powerful this work is. I became aware of some of the patterns which were holding me back. Ironically, one of the patterns holding me back was actually my attempts to try to solve it all with my mind. (I'm sure some of you can relate.)  I was amazed at the new ways I was learning to bypass my mind, and instead feel through my chest and my stomach. 

Passionate about how this enhanced my own life, I continued my studies of somatic bodywork and graduated from the Pantarei Approach School in Berlin and have been working with clients ever since. 

I respect the path each of us walks, and the humanity we all share. I seek an authentic connection with people and cherish the friendships that we make on the way. 

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